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nanny application...
1a) Personal Information:
Required Name:
State and Zip:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Social Security Number:
Driver's License State & No:

1b) Name, Address & Phone Number of closest relative (not residing with you). State their relationship to you.

1c) When is the best time to reach you?

1d) When are you available to begin working as a nanny?

1e) How long can you stay?

Please be as open and complete as you can for the following questions as this will help us find the right family for you.

2) Why do you want to be a nanny?

3a) Tell us about your child care experience, paid and volunteer. Include babysitting, day care, tutoring, etc. Please include approximate dates, the ages of children, and your role with them.

3b) Tell us about your best experience with children.

3c) Tell us about your worst experience with children.

3d) Describe how you would handle a situation where a 3 month baby begins crying and will not stop.

3e) What are some of the activities you might do with a two year old?

3f) What would you say to a six year old who tells you, "You are not my mommy, I don't have to listen to you"?

4) Are you interested in being a live-in or a live-out nanny?

5a) Tell us about your family - parents and siblings or if you are married tell us about your spouse and children. Include information about the occupation of your parents and siblings. If you are married include information about the occupation of your spouse and the ages of your children.

5b) Tell us about your family routine and how your parents dealt with you if you did something wrong. Do you think that you will do things differently or the same with your children?

5c) Are you living with your family or on your own?

6) Tell us a little bit about yourself. For example, how would your best friend describe you? What are your hobbies and interests? 
7A) Tell us about your education.
Where did you attend high school, and what year did you graduate?
7B) Have you attended college, and for how long? What year did you graduate?
7C) What was your college major?
7D) What courses did you take in high school or college that you feel are relevant to applying for a nanny position? (i.e. CPR, toddler safety training, early childhood development, psychology, etc.)
7E) List any languages you speak in addition to English.

8) Describe briefly what you have been doing vocationally in addition to childcare since you graduated from high school or college. What are you currently doing? It is important to include dates of employment and places of employment.

9) Have you ever been away from home before? Under what circumstances? How do you feel about leaving home? Do you think you might get homesick?

10) What are your future goals?

11) Are you a licensed driver? For how long? Has your license ever been suspended? Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket, moving violation or ever been involved in an automobile accident? Please give details for any 'yes' answers.

12) Can you swim? Do you have any Red Cross Swimming certification? Would you feel comfortable supervising children in the water?

13) Do you have CPR training? Are you certified? Would you be willing to take a CPR course?

14) Do you have any experience taking care of pets? Do you have any allergies to animals? Would you mind helping take care of the pet(s) in the home where you are the nanny?

15) Can you cook? Are you willing to learn? Would you cook for the family? Can you grocery shop? What dishes are you the most comfortable preparing?

16) Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

17) Please include the names and telephone numbers of three references whom we may call. Two must come from employers who have observed you in child-related positions. The third reference may verify other employment or academic accomplishments. Please send a recent photograph. We also require proof of United States Citizenship: a photocopy of your passport is acceptable, or a photocopy of two of the following: a driver's license with a photograph, a voter registration card, a school I.D. card with a photograph, a birth certificate or a social security card.

Reference 1

Phone: Work
Phone: Home

Reference Type:
Childcare Employment Personal Education

Reference 2

Phone: Work
Phone: Home

Reference Type:
Childcare Employment Personal Education

Reference 3

Phone: Work
Phone: Home

Reference Type:
Childcare Employment Personal Education

How did you hear about the New York Nanny Center, Inc?

All other questions and comments email at: info@nynanny.com


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